About Botox

July 28, 2020 1 Comment

About Botox

Did you know that when you see someone you match their expression for a microsecond and a signal is sent to the brain to understand what the person is feeling? This is one reason why Botox is something to really consider before just jumping into it. No expression, no signal, muted emotion and less connection. I hope we as a society change our view on aging and wrinkles. I have a very expressive face, no one is ever guessing how I’m feeling. If I’m stressed there’s no hiding it (as much as I wish I could 🤔) when I’m deep in concentration or focused it definitely shows and the same goes for when I’m happy. This year has been incredible and I’ve had so much to be happy about. These days I’m often walking around with a slight smile and notice how many people smile back at me. I personally love when people’s eyes crinkle a bit at the sides, we can keep the area hydrated so it bounces back but please don’t ever Botox it, we want to see your smile! The saying is true that when you smile the world smiles back at you.

I sincerely hope that collectively we start to change our views on aging. I think because botox is so prevalent these days, we just aren't seeing enough examples of beautiful women with wrinkles, especially on screen. Yes, it is possible to be absolute stunning and have wrinkles. We are robbing ourselves of so much by trying to literally freeze time. I completely understand wanting to look and feel good, but imagine you could feel beautiful and radiant just as you are! Your face tells a story, the world deserves to see it and love you even more for it. 

If there's anything I can do to support you please reach out! I do offer consultations where we can start to sort of decode what particular lines mean on your face. There are some lines that, in my opinion, are very good and healthy to have. There are others that may show a slight internal imbalance or area you could use some support. I have witnessed many faces change in my career, not only from lovely skin care, but primarily from the internal release that happens when we let go of something that has been weighing us down or provide the body with the particular nourishment it craves. 

Here for you! 

Colette xx

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Dr Mary Louise Reilly
Dr Mary Louise Reilly

May 10, 2022

Please can you let me know when I can have a consultation?
Also do any of your products heal or removed puffiness under my left eye?
Thank you kindly, Mary Louise

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