ČAST - Organic Tallow Balm


A deeply nourishing and light weight balm envelopes ​the skin with lipids rich in bioavailable trace minerals ​and vitamins matching our own natural sebum for ​optimal penetration at a cellular level. This hydrating ​head to toe balm restores barrier function, reduces ​inflammation, prevents transepidermal water loss and ​stimulates collagen production for a revitalized ​complexion that glows from within.

Organic, all-natural ingredients rich in ​antioxidants and vitamins delivering deep ​cellular benefits that give your skin the ​nourishment it needs. With its anti-​inflammatory properties it minimizes fine ​lines and promotes collagen production ​restoring the skin from the inside out. ​Whether you're using it on irritated, acne ​prone or sun-kissed skin, dry patches and ​rashes, or simply using it for daily ​moisturization, we know you’ll be amazed by ​the results. So, explore its head to toe ​potential, find your favourite uses, and ​experience the difference this natural ​skincare can make.


Grass fed, grass finished Canadian tallow

Tallow is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins A, D, K, and E. It reduces inflammation, the appearance of fine lines, and boosts the production of collagen. Tallow contains the same lipids found in healthy human skin, allowing it to absorb easily and penetrate deeply. Lipids create a protective yet permeable barrier that prevents infection and maintains moisture, flexibility, and structure of the cell.

Organic Shea butter

Shea butter boosts collagen production, promotes cell regeneration, reduces fine line and wrinkles, and contains extensive anti-inflammatory properties that help calm irritation and redness. It is beneficial for those with conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Shea’s moisturizing and antioxidant properties work together to help your skin regenerate healthy new cells. It contains significant levels of vitamins  and E protecting your skin cells from free radicals that can lead to premature aging and dull-looking skin. It is also great for acne with its antibacterial & antifungal properties.

Organic Jojoba

Jojoba oil hydrates the skin, balances natural oil production, delivers antioxidant protection, has anti-inflammatory effects, antibacterial properties, and can also help reduce acne. Jojoba oil mimics natural sebum, conditioning, and sealing moisture in the skin, without clogging pores. We infuse our Jojoba oil with organic Calendula for a minimum of three months.

Organic Calendula

Calendula, rich in antioxidants, is known for its numerous benefits in addressing skin concerns, including acne and irritation. Its skin-soothing benefits are attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to limit trans-epidermal water loss, which in turn strengthens the skin’s defenses against potential irritants.

Organic Vitamin E

As an antioxidant, vitamin E combats free-radical damage, but unlike most other antioxidants, vitamin E is also a very hydrating molecule since it works as a both a humectant (to absorb water into the skin) and an emollient (to trap water in the skin). It assists in various kinds of cellular restoration such as sun damage, healing & anti-inflammatory support and strengthening skin barrier function.

Organic Frankincense 

The toning and rejuvenating properties of frankincense make it one of the most important oils for invigorating the complexion and repairing skin damage. It has antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even “tissue remodeling” properties, too. Its distinctive aroma has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system.
I cannot recommend this balm enough to those with a compromised gut barrier and subsequently skin barrier! For some of us, the only thing that seems to work to heal when things go off track is sipping on good old fashioned bone broth to heal the gut lining, and a tallow balm topically to repair "leaky skin". This can be used on everything from acne, dehration, rashes, flaky skin, eczema and to support healthy aging. I keep one in my bathroom and one on my bedside table and will never be without! A huge bonus to the quality of ingredients of this balm is the human who makes it. She is one of the most loving and truly incredible women I have ever met, and having something made by someone with her energy is priceless. This matters more than we know! I swear her energy is part of what makes this balm magic. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Made lovingly on Bowen Island BC by Jessica Šipoš