Essentials: Lift and Tone

I put together this routine to help support those of us who are noticing a loss of tone in their 40's and up and aren't sure where to begin. This routine should help tone, lift, hydrate and brighten the skin, giving you noticeable results in about 3 months time! You do not need all of these products, just read through and see what resonates for you, but if you do decide to incorporate these I have listed them in the order they should be applied. The skin likes change so after you finish Sérum Matriciel Visage I would rotate in either Serum Collagen Marine or Serum Collagen Natif for a few months before potentially returning to Sérum Matriciel. We have a full list of everything for lifting and firming here that you can pull from as well.

As always please reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance or you can book a consult for more support. 

Colette x