Age Well 30's

I wanted to create these categories to help give a "start here" for those of us concerned about aging but not sure where to begin. I'm personally not about trying to look 25 forever and think we need to embrace aging in this culture a bit more but at the same time we want to look and feel healthy and beautiful! These are some effective products to help keep the skin fresh and glowing when signs of aging can start to sneak up on us. You certainly do not need all of these products, this is just a guide but if you are wanting the full routine you can apply them in the order that they are shown.

Those who have seen me for a consult or treatment know I tend to look at the skin from a very different angle and this includes shining a light on what some lines and wrinkles represent. According to ancient Chinese medicine, the decade of the 30's tends to bring our focus towards a bit more introspection and is a good time to start to unpack some of life's little blows from past. As we start to bring an "adult" lens to our stories, we sort of unstick ourselves in a sense and in doing so this creates more room for growth. Surprisingly, this can actually have quite an effect on our skin as old traumas or incoherent beliefs can literally and figuratively mark us. By taking the time to look back, reevaluate and process whats there, you will come out the other side more vibrant in every sense. Vanity is often a great motivator so I invite you to get curious! 

Here for you if you need support, please feel free email us for any assistance or you can book a consultation 

Colette x