I have used the Vivier vitamin C products for over ten years now and consistently see fantastic results. Their signature series features a range of concentrations of L-ascorbic acid with a unique IntraDermal System (IDS) that delivers stable, highly concentrated Vitamin C deep into the skin. A notable achievement of Vivier is their Platiné collection, which uniquely manages to combine Retinol, Peptides and stabilized vitamin C into one product. Vivier's Vitamin C serums are formulated using the highest and purest grade Vitamin C (USP) available. The serums are stable so they stay effective longer. The proprietary delivery system ensures that the Vitamin C is deposited into the right layers. The result is a beautiful, bright, glowing and healthy skin. 

We currently offer a select collection of products from Vivier but we are happy to special order in anything you need, feel free to reach out anytime!