Essentials: Acne

Below are the essential products I recommend for treating acne topically, however you will find a broad range of additional supportive products under oily/acne if you wish to expand on this or switch it up to suit your individual needs. Acne can be caused from so many different things and each person I see is unique. It's difficult to try to generalize but because not everyone is able to come for a consult, I wanted to provide some insights to what could be the culprit for you. Take what resonates and leave the rest! The face is a reflection of the whole and when there are breakouts it is often because there is an internal imbalance, however, sometimes the solution is super simple and a change in diet or your skin care routine is all thats needed! Topically, do not strip the skin! Often we just need to rebuild the barrier and support healthy flora on the skin et voila! Beautiful radiant skin emerges. The top offenders dietary wise are sugar (I see this mostly reflected on the lower face), coffee (especially when we are super stressed or frustrated, this will create a lot of heat in the skin especially the outer cheeks), alcohol (often seen as redness or breakouts between the brows), and food intolerances to gluten and dairy (I typically see this with inflammation on the forehead, inner cheeks and chin). We can be overburdened with toxins and endocrine disruptors as well so its good to start to do what you can to eliminate these where possible, I'd start with opting for natural, artificial fragrance free home cleaning products and detergents. For some, celery juice in the mornings on an empty stomach can be very effective but avoid this if you tend to feel cold. Adding freshly squeezed lemon to your water in the mornings, incorporating pro and prebiotic foods along with with liver supporting herbs like milk thistle, or dandelion leaf can often help too. For cystic acne we often need to go a bit deeper to support the endocrine and digestive systems that can be over burdened. I pretty much always see an emotional block or trauma associated with acne and sometimes a willingness to explore whats there and sit with it to process and digest it makes all the difference. Be gentle with your skin, it can be tempting to pick or want to just scrub it all away abrasively but I promise the results come when we do the opposite. Keep it simple, sometimes just adding the Seabuckthorn cleanser below does the trick! If you wish to expand on your routine and opt to bring in some or all of the products, I have listed them below in the order that they should be applied.

Please know we are here to support you any way we can! If you would like more assistance with your skin, please feel free to book a consultation or email us and we are happy to help!  

Colette xx