Below is a list of all the products I find suitable for those experiencing sensitivity in their skin. As someone who used to have extremely sensitive skin, to the point that I would react to pretty much everything, I can assure you that this is treatable, and, in time, you should be able to overcome this and gradually be able to incorporate more active ingredients. As we treat the skin topically with the correct products for you, and find out what may contributing to the issue internally, the skin should become more resilient. Internally, incorporating a good quality probiotic and starting to heal the gut with pre and probiotic foods can help a lot. Be sure you are staying hydrated and always protect your skin from harsh external elements with a cream or oil at the very least. Sometimes, highly sensitive people have highly sensitive skin so finding ways to feel more boundaried can help as well! 

If you need help choosing what products would be best for your unique skin, please email us and we are happy to assist you.