Holistic Skincare & Etiotherapy
by Colette

Clarité Wellness provides a space to replenish, reflect and rejuvenate - an environment where you can step away from daily chaos, take a breath, and reconnect with yourself.

Our goal is to support people in restoring vibrancy and balance using the best that eastern and western methodologies have to offer. We regard skincare as an extension of any self care ritual. It should feel elegant and luxurious and by no means does it ever need to break the budget or come from a place of fear or necessity around self worth. Sometimes the best option for you may be something found in the kitchen or just a few tweaks to what you already have in your cabinet. We have carefully selected lines to best allow for tailored treatment and home care options customized specifically for you. We are beyond grateful to do this work and look forward to continually bringing new tools and modalities to share with you.

About Colette

During adolescence I suffered from pretty severe rosacea for many years and found little to no support from doctors or dermatologists. I realized that the established approach to skin care was terribly deficient, with no emphasis placed on cause — but on endless treatment of recurring symptoms. Determined to improve on the existing methods, I studied throughout North America and Europe, and have been in the skin care and alternative health industry for 19 years now as a certified medical aesthetician and Etiotherapist.

My practice places a strong emphasis on seeing the face as a representation of the whole and working to find balance from the inside out. I’ve trained extensively in Paris and strongly resonate with a European approach to skin (and life). On top of many medical aesthetic certifications, I was privately trained by a European dermatologist, worked with chemists and compounding pharmacists developing custom formulations, immersed myself in a particular style of Chinese medicine and traveled all over studying it, worked alongside some of the top ND’s in North America, trained in nutrition, herbology, facial reflexology, gua sha, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage massage and other French facial massage techniques, worked with over 250 skin care lines and many of the top laser platforms, did consulting for plastic surgeons and clinics, trained in auricular medicine, and discovered a love and appreciation for physics while becoming a certified Etiotherapist.

In 2014, I went out on my own and softly opened this studio where I have seen thousands of clients from all around the world. What I’ve learned after all this experience and education is to keep it simple. Less is often more. By adopting an all-inclusive approach to the understanding of skin care and the face, I feel I have gained a profound interpretation of the relationship of a person and their skin. I have discovered that our faces offer an incredible wealth of information that, if listened to carefully, can guide us to increased well-being.

Skin care need not be complicated or overwhelming to be effective. It can be as simple as a subtle internal shift, augmented by an effective product, allowing everything to align and your skin to find its rhythm.