Menopausal Skin

Below I've put together a list of the products that I find particularly beneficial for menopausal skin. Whether it be dryness or loss of tone from a natural drop in estrogen, or a few hormonal breakouts that can pop up, this is a list you can pull from when you are ready to rotate new products into your routine. If your skin is feeling a bit all over the place with everything from loss of tone, breakouts, redness, dryness or just a bit dull, the top product I would recommend is serum 3R to help reset and refresh your skin. If you are experiencing more dryness and noticing the skin has lost a bit of firmness with the dip in estrogen I would opt for Creme MSR-H with wild yam extract to naturally boost estriol keeping it supple and "up". For an alternative perspective on menopause along with a simplified list of products you can check the Essentials: Menopause link. As always you can email us anytime for support or feel free to book a consultation