Age Well 50's/60's

Below is a list of products I've put together for healthy, hydrated and supple skin in your 50's/60's. You do not need all of these products, this is just a general guide so take only what feels good for you and leave the rest! I do have a tab for menopausal skin and lifting and firming as well so you can pull from those to customize your routine based on your individual concerns. Those who have seen me for a consult or treatment know that I tend to view the skin quite differently to most and love to look at the root cause of what may be presenting on the skin. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the decade of the 50's relates to whats known as the Earth element and has to do with the stomach and spleen. This is a decade to really start to get selfish again and relearn, or learn for the first time, what really supports YOU! In turn, this "mothering" or "nurturing" of yourself will help nourish the stomach and thus, as wild as it may sound, help keep the face lifted and hydrated as the stomach meridian runs through the face, allowing blood and vitality to support healthy, radiant skin. I have seen the eye area lift, jaw lines become more defined, upper lip lines smooth and skin become more supple when women really embrace this often foreign concept of nourishing yourself without "guilt" or "shoulds", which is known to have a negative effect on stomach/ spleen function. I suggest trying to embrace your skin care routine as a very feminine, self care practice rather than a chore or burden at the beginning and end of the day. Whether its using these products or something else you've found, try to really enjoy this time where you are focusing on yourself and know you deserve it! If you need any guidance feel free to book a consult or reach out via email and we are happy to support you.