Protect and Prevent 20's

I find so many clients in their 20's are eager to have a great skin routine and with all the info swirling around it can be so hard to know where to start! At this age I think its important to focus on prevention but we don't need to go too crazy with intensive products just yet, and sometimes those can do more harm than good at this age. The same goes for treatments, keep it simple and save the more intensive treatments for your mid 30's-40's. I have seen too many young people push their skin too hard and end up thinning and damaging their skin leading to premature aging, a compromised barrier function with unnecessary dryness and sensitivity. 

These products below will help keep the skin clear and supple while proactively protecting and preserving your natural collagen and elasticity and maintaining moisture giving a nice glow. You do not need all of these products, even one or two will make a difference but if you are keen to have a full routine you certainly could use them all in the order they appear below. Feel free to reach out or book a consult if you need any guidance on where to start 

Colette x