The Lymphatic Brush | Face


Skin health benefits
  • Reduce puffiness, dark circles
  • Brighten complexion
  • Clear acne, blackheads
  • Ease sinus congestion
  • Minimize fluid retention, jowls
  • Expedite healing; eczema, psoriasis

The Lymphatic Bush | Face

Includes CJB Eco-protective Case 

The Lymphatic Brush is not a dry brush, a make-up brush, or a cleansing brush. It is specifically designed to provide an easy, ergonomic and effective way to incorporate lymphatic drainage into your self-care routine.

Lymphatic Drainage isn’t Gua sha or dry bushing.

Gua sha and dry brushing are both intended to stimulate circulation, which has a direct effect on the lymphatic system. However, they are entirely different techniques that require different tools in order to honor and perform each of them correctly.

The intention and techniques are vastly different.

Gua sha and dry brushing techniques increase blood flow and fluid into the tissue.
Lymphatic drainage decreases excess fluid in the tissue.
The stimulating effect of Gua sha and dry brushing on the circulatory system changes the pressure of blood flow which sends more fluid into the tissue space to be processed by the lymphatic system.

If you want to reduce puffiness and swelling, you need to focus on reducing and removing the fluid from the tissue.

Your lymphatic system keeps the fluid surrounding your cells pristine by “clearing the clutter”, allowing nutrients to reach the cell without obstruction.

The Lymphatic Brush is designed to directly and gently affect the lymph vessel system, which sits just under the surface of the skin; therefore, a light, superficial touch is required in order to avoid compressing and suppressing their function.

CJB Patented Design

The patented design features a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grips the skin in a precise way, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin. When combined with specialized techniques, it mimics the passive contractions of the lymph vessels to manually propel fluids and stimulate lymph flow.

The ergonomic contoured shape ensures proper contact with the surface of the skin and accurate alignment with the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.

The bristles are soft, but durable. They won’t scratch, irritate, or damage sensitive and fragile skin types.

The Lymphatic Brush supports the science of the skin and natural filtration system of our body to “clear the clutter,” and help your skin and body to work better for you.


Use caution and alter treatment if you have,

  • Bronchitis: don’t use directly over sternum
  • Menstruation: can make period heavier
  • Nevus (Raised Mole): work around
  • Low Blood Pressure: be careful of over-use, do shorter sessions
  • Hyperactive Thyroid: do not work on thyroid directly

Do not use if you have,

  • Active cancer
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Acute infection or inflammation

To clean: 

Wash with a mild disinfecting soap and water, take caution to not run too much water into the base where the bristles are attached, dry excess water into a towel and lay brush with bristles facing down on towel to dry. 

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