60 minute session with Colette via phone.

In this 60 minute, in depth consultation, we look at what your face is revealing about you and discuss ways to restore balance from the inside out.

Your face is a fractal representation of the body, containing so much information about who you are and where you’ve come from. By using the traditional Chinese diagnostic tool of face reading, I study the root causes of a wide range of conditions, sharing an understanding of underlying internal states which may be contributing to issues you are experiencing.

For this we ask that you email a picture of your skin, without makeup in natural light, one from the front and one from each side including the entire ear (photos will not be shared). Please fill out the form provided after you book and include any additional information you feel is relevant for me to know, along with the best number to reach you.

I look forward to speaking with you!


**Consultations are done by phone**

Email contact@claritewellness.com to book

$220 CAD

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Bespoke Skincare Guide (via email)

Whether you are dealing with issues with your skin, or are just wanting to make improvements but aren’t sure where to start, my goal with this guide is to provide some clarity and to help get you on the right path for your unique skin.

We will cover what I feel is the ideal routine for you; whether that means simplifying, adding in a few tweaks for a specific result, concocting your own or going full lux—depending on what feels best for you in this phase of your life, I aim to provide a simple, step by step plan that moves you towards your goals and stays within your budget. 

If necessary I will also address matters pertaining to your lifestyle, diet or environment that could be having a negative effect on your skin and may briefly touch on internal imbalances that need attention. 

We ask that you email us a few photos of your bare skin (don’t worry, these remain private, I know how vulnerable this can feel for some), taken inside, facing a window in natural light. One taken facing the camera looking straight ahead and a profile from each side, ideally including each ear. Please include a note about your goals or concerns as well as what products you are using now.

*Please allow up to 72hrs during business days for a reply.

I look forward to connecting with you! 


$150 CAD

**I have included a lot of complimentary information throughout my site under Curated Collections by Colette. Be sure to check there first as you may get the support you need.

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