Essentials: Post Acne Scarring

Below I've put together a collection of products that I find most effective for treating post acne scarring and post inflammatory pigmentation and I have listed them in the order that they should be applied. I have another tab for acne as well as pigmentation where you can find a full list of products that may be suited for your needs so you can customize or add to your routine as needed. As always we are here to support you any way we can so feel free to email us for assistance or book a personalized consultation here 

I generally do not recommend intensive laser treatments as I often find them too damaging for most skin, just opt for what feels right for you and if something makes you nervous I'd avoid it and try something simpler first. These products offer a gentle but effective option for home use, give it time and stay patient and you should see a nice improvement. If you absolutely must do an intensive procedure, I suggest using great home care products to get the tissue really healthy first.

I invite you to be really present with yourself while applying your products and notice what emotions or sensations come up when you touch parts of your face. Our fascia (a band or sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin) holds a lot of information and when you pay attention when interacting with it you can actually help to process and release some of what is held there. This helps the tissue regenerate as blocks are released. This is the ultimate self care and this is where real results come!