Essentials: Menopausal

Below are some of my top choices for treating the most common concerns I see in my clients going through menopause. These products will target the loss of tone and dryness that can sometimes come out of nowhere when we experience a dip in estrogen. The star product to help resolve this is Creme MSR-H, with yam extract to naturally and safely increase estriol in the skin keeping it supple and "up". It's a bit pricey but very hydrating and effective. We are all unique and will experience this phase and its effects on skin differently so you can refer to the menopausal tab for a full list of products that may be best suited for you. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or book a consultation so we can tailor a routine for your individual needs. 

Menopause is a very special time and I hope culturally we start to recognize it as such. Much like the transition to adulthood, or maiden to motherhood, this time is almost like a death and rebirth of sorts and should be honoured. Yes it is challenging for many, and things can feel quite intense, but if we are clear on what is going on and lean into the transformation you can come out the other side feeling more yourself than you potentially ever have.

I'll try to keep this short, but first off, I think it is really important to understand that in general, western medicine does not tend to study or understand the complexity of women's hormones, and because of this, when we go through this transition it can feel like there is very little support and it is generally just viewed as a problem or inconvenience. This mentality is ridiculous and dated, robbing us of all the potential that is there for us in this transition. 

I highly recommend that you lean into whatever emotions come up at this time, don't just shrug it off as "hormones". If you are pissed off and angry, great! This is probably the first time you've been forced to sit with these emotions and you are likely so over any BS in your life. It's about time that your needs start to come first and these emotions can help you reclaim your life. Many women experience a surge of creativity, vitality and ambition with a profound desire to do what aligns with them on a much deeper level than say only thinking about what's best for the family, or their partner, or any social conditioning around what it means to be a "good woman, wife or mother" that is all coming up for reevaluation. This time can feel a little out of control so some may cling to what they know “worked” before to feel needed, loved and desired. This is not it! I promise, an even better you is on the other side of this. This particular time can unearth what needs to be reviewed from our past, and with that comes an opportunity to free yourself from outdated beliefs and step into your power. 

There are many plant allies to support you through this so do seek out a practitioner that can help you. You can ask them about maca, black cohosh, wild yam, Dong Quai or chasteberry to name a few. You may also wish to avoid sugar at this time and seek nutritional guidance to help make this transition a little smoother.

Key points to remember if things feel a bit shaky during this transition:

  • You are desirable - never forget this. 
  • You are worthy - its definitely ok to rock the boat a bit to pursue the life you want.

I believe that knowing and embodying this has a profound effect on our physiology, including our skin.

Here for you, please don't hesitate to connect