Age Well 40's

In our 40's we are often ready to kick things up a notch with our skin care routines and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Below I've put together a sort of "dream team" of products, covering everything from brightening, building healthy collagen and elasticity to keeping the skin lifted, toned, supple and smooth! By no means do you need all of these if having an extensive routine doesn't feel aligned for you, just take what feels good and leave the rest! The products are listed in the order they should be applied so follow that as a guide regardless of how few or many you start with. This is just a general guideline, please know I am happy to help you fit your budget and individual needs and am available through a consult or via email to help you feel and look your best! 

I personally find that with a good home care routine along with regular facial massage you can achieve beautiful results and avoid feeling the need for more invasive procedures. If you are experiencing sensitivity I suggest addressing that first before jumping into too many anti aging products and if you are experiencing pigmentation you can add in a serum or mask to customize your routine. In traditional Chinese medicine, the decade of the 40's relates to the liver and yin wood element, and tends to come with a lot of change. If the liver becomes overburdened we can experience more pigmentation and heat in the skin so be sure to adjust your routine accordingly. A tip for navigating any "yin wood" time is to imagine yourself like a tree; rather than focusing too much on the branches (think racing thoughts) focus on your roots, literally imagining roots coming out of your feet to feel grounded, centered and to help cool and calm the body. 

We are here to support you any way we can! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, or for guidance on how best to care for your skin you can book a consultation 

Colette xx