Canadian Natural Oils

Canadian Natural Oils is located on the Cariboo Plateau, Cariboo Chilcotin region, in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. We process naturally grown plant life picked in the wilderness that have a beneficial effect upon your health. All of the plants we harvest grow at an elevation of between 2800 and 4500 feet above sea level. Our hand-picked plants are processed by us and provided to you with our personal assurance that all of the plants are 100% grown in the wild. We understand the importance that the source of our ingredients plays and are committed to hand picking only naturally grown regional wilderness plant life. 

Juanita worked with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in collaboration with University of Northern BC, the Food Development Lab in Portage La Prairie Manitoba, and Northwest Labs in Vancouver BC. in order to determine the best way to naturally extract the oil from the wild rose-hip, without any chemical intervention.

Her research projects also investigated which plants, & what part of various plants were the key to maximizing healing. The end result of Juanita's drive to be the best she could be in creating the best natural healing products possible, is that she uses both Steam Distillation and Cold Press methods to extract the oils.