Dark Circles

I wanted to create a separate category for dark circles because we have some exceptional options to treat this in my opinion. Serum absolute luminous is one of the best I've used for more of a chronic purple undertone to dark circles, it takes time but the results are great! Oligo proteins marines I find very energizing and strengthening for the delicate tissue which in time will help those with brown or bluish undertones but I suggest only using one vial then taking a break as it is quite active. Creme contour des yeux o2, Masque vip02 and Fluide vip02 will all give you an immediate brightening effect by bringing a lot of oxygen to the under eye area, perfect for all types of dark circles (brown, blue and tired mom). Lastly, Youth eye complex does it all, it gives an instant refreshed look and in time strengthens the area, I lean more towards this for bluish under tones. 

I'd recommend using a serum like serum absolute luminous or oligo proteins at night and one of the eye creams during the day for ultimate results. 

I hope that helps!