The Modern Gua Sha Stone

Inner Beauty

Encourage movement and create space deep within the face & body. Stimulate the lymphatic system and naturally reset the muscles & fascia by releasing tension and blockages. Using 4 simplistic & versatile sides, The Modern Gua Sha Tool makes self-care realistic and effective from home.

Facial Gua Sha benefits;

  • Muscle and tension relief
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system  
  • Free flow of oxygen and nutrients 
  • Symmetrical appearance
  • Immediate glowing complexion
  • lifted & sculpted appearance
  • Natural anti-aging option
  • Help relieve stress, headaches, migraines, TMJ & more
  • Reset the nervous system & calm the mind 

For Tutorials: @innerbeautyshop 

History: Gua Sha is an ancient modality that has been used for centuries to maintain health and wellness throughout the body. The traditional Chinese practice was originally used as a scraping technique that helped to prevent or treat illnesses. 

Now: A new version known as "facial gua sha" has become a trusted alternative to injectables by naturally stimulating blood flow to increase collagen & elastin production and reset the muscles. This ritual stimulates blood flow and Qi, but without the scraping component of traditional gua sha. Instead, rejuvenate the skin & fascia through a softer approach of movements. 

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