Silicone Facial cups, Set of 2

Clarité Wellness

I have tried lots of different facial cups over the years but keep coming back to these due to their convenient shape with a balloon cavity, offering more refined levels of suction so you can vary the depth you are working depending on what area of the face you are on. For example, around the delicate eye area you may prefer less suction to address puffiness, moving only lymph, whereas when you are treating the 11's between the browns, horizontal forehead lines or lip lines, you may want to use a bit more suction.

Always apply an oil to the skin before using your cups so there is slip. I like to use rosehip, rose glow or frankincense bse but any will do, and I try to mist my face with a rosewater hydrosol like rose glow complexion mist for more hydration. You can also use after any skin care routine application, just be sure there is enough slip and avoid doing over sun protection or makeup.  

To use: Always do lymphatic drainage first by suctioning the cups gently on the upper neck just under the ear at the side of the jaw line and sweep down the neck 3 times. Next sweep under the jaw from the chin to the ear, then inner cheek by nose to ear, under eyes, across brow bone from center outwards and forehead from the center out then sweeping down to ear and down neck to finish. If you are in a rush, just do the neck at a minimum to make sure lymph is flowing. 

Doing lymphatic drainage alone will offer great results for texture and health of the skin but if you want to address stubborn lines its best to spend some time working over those areas with a bit more zest. You can get creative and sweep a specific wrinkle or fine line repeatedly with the suction, zig zag over the area or just work to smooth out the furrow or upper lip muscles. The key is to create microcirculation in the area to help smooth things out. If you have seen cupping on the body you know that sometimes with stagnation there can be some colour that comes up on the skin and will take a few days to fade. Facial cupping is meant to be quite a bit more gentle than this and you are meant to keep the cups moving so you shouldn't get any redness or bruising. But if you do, don't panic, you likely just had more stagnation in that area and it will just take a day or two to clear. 

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