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Anti-ptosis chin mask with "lifting" effect. 

With its unique shape and stretchy tissue tailored to the area under the chin, Platysma combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-ptosis mask in a single step. The support’s mechanical action combined with firming active ingredients is similar to a face massage and offers a “lifting” effect to tighten the skin.

Facial contours are redefined, its volumes are more harmonious and the jawline is visibly redefined revealing a sublimated oval.

For skin with sagging contours

▪Anti-ptosis platform- White sweet Lupine Peptides, Shrubby Everlasting extract, Marine Exopolysaccharide from Iroise sea

Lifting platform- Red Algae and Tara fruit extract Complex, Cassava extract

▪ Firming platform- Black Crowberries juice, Rye extract