Lotion P50 Corps

Biologique Recherche

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The cornerstone product used in the first stage of all Biologique Recherche body care treatment programmes. This indispensable lotion purifies, balances and protects your skin. Similarly formulated to the Lotion P50 for the face, this lotion has been specifically adapted for the body.  An essential product which removes your body’s dead skin cells, and leaves your skin soft and glowing, due to its purifying, hydrating and stimulating properties.

Lotion P50 Corps contains the core ingredients of the P50 formula – with added exfoliating power to suit the specific thickness of the epidermis on the body – along with toning active ingredients. The epidermis is purified so skin is clean, rebalanced and ready to receive the next stage of skincare.

Recommended for all skin types. 

Great over rough skin like elbows or heels. We've also seen nice results for keratosis pilaris or the little bumps that on back of the upper arms or upper thighs

*A nice product to use pre waxing to prevent ingrown hairs  


1. Apply to the entire body in upward smoothing motions

2. For more powerful exfoliation, use the same technique with the Body Massage Glove

3. Massage strokes must be quite gentle, so as not to harm the epidermis


Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid sun exposure immediately after applying the product. Do not use on scratched, sunburned or irritated skin. Shake before use. 

250 ml