Jade Gua Sha - Scalloped

Clarité Wellness

This is one of my go to gua sha tools when you need something simple, quick, effective and easy to use. The long smoothed edge perfectly hugs the cheek and easily lifts the forehead and brow creating a sculpted and refreshed look. The top of the heart edge is wonderful to contour the jaw and the tip is used to smooth and lift the eye area.

Jade is said to produce negative ions and has a calming effect on nervous system. It has a distinctive cooling effect on the tissue and is great for reducing inflammation, swelling and puffiness in the skin while also helping to penetrate product. Jade is known as a clearing stone assisting in filtration and elimination while removing toxins and balancing fluids (water salt ratio). Green jade fosters chi or life force and connects to the heart chakra. It is believed to ward off negative energy and bring good luck! 

When you are using the stone for lymphatic drainage only you can use on dry skin as its a feather light touch but generally I always suggest using over something that will be beneficial for the skin and provide some slip! 

I will sometimes use over cream or oil cleansers when I don't have much time, its especially lovely over the seabuckthorn oil cleanser or Lait vip02 to oxygenate and brighten the skin. This is a nice option when you don't have much time but can get a few sweeps in to revive the tissue before bed or first thing in the morning. 

You can also use the stone after you have applied your serums and or cream to further penetrate the product or over your favourite face oil (again we love the living libations oil for this or our local rosehip oil 

To use, always start with by getting the lymphatic system moving by gently sweeping the stone nearly flat against the skin up the back of the neck to the hairline and down the front of the neck avoiding the thyroid and delicate throat area. 

Next sweep from the center of the chin out to the ears along the jaw.

Then sweep the cheek and under eye area starting from the nose and dragging to the ears. Again very light pressure, imagine moving fluid under the skin while you sweep the stone delicately over the tissue. Enough pressure to move the fluid but no so much to move the muscles. 

Then the inner corner of the brow out to smooth the forehead and sweep it down the sides of the face towards the ears then down the neck 

You can stop here or now move to sculpting the face using the same guidelines but with more pressure. Being careful not to flatten the cheeks but rather lift and sculpt revealing the apple of the cheek and lifting towards the temple. 

Have fun with it and do what feels natural and intuitive but be GENTLE, this should feel great and leave you looking and feeling refreshed and rested. Imagine the stone is like a magic wand if you will, and use it to smooth the tissue into your ideal enhanced version of you, gently and intentionally. No need to be aggressive here, that will not help. Slow, steady and methodically will yield the best results.


Benefits include:

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Stimulates micro circulation in skin

Reduces puffiness and dark circles

Firms and tightens tissue

Reduces tension in facial muscles

Speeds healing and tissue recovery post surgery/bruising

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Aids in product penetration

Assists in draining sinuses

Cools skin post peel or after sun exposure (sunburn) *great for menopausal skin 

Promotes a healthy glow