Jade Comb

Clarité Wellness

I absolutely love these jade combs for treating the face, neck and scalp. It is the perfect thickness for doing more detailed work on the face and jaw and the curved edge allows for quick contouring and drainage while the comb treats into the hairline beautifully, it feels amazing on the scalp! 

The comb is perfect for relieving tension, stimulating meridians and increasing blood flow to the scalp which increases nutrients to the crown. By working into the hairline you can get a bit more lift to the forehead while stimulating meridians and blood flow along the scalp increasing nutrients to the hair follicles. 

*This stone is so lovely for working out tension in the scalp or temple area from clenching your jaw. 

Benefits of Gua Sha:

Instantly firms and lifts the skin when used effectively  

Promotes lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness 

Contours jawline for a youthful look 

Renews facial contours 

Diminishes dark circles and under eye puffiness 

Brightens the complexion restoring radiance 

Reduces blemishes 

Stimulate scalp | increase nutrients to crown

Increases micro-circulation and blood flow to the skin 

Reduces appearance of cellulite when used on the body 


*Sold individually, stones are unique and colour varies slightly