Living Libations Dry Brush

Clarité Wellness

This brush is the perfect size and texture to dry-brush the entire body, while still being gentle enough to caress delicate breasts. While most body brushes are made with course, rough bristles, the Body and Breast Brush is powerful yet gentle enough for all areas of the body. 

Benefits of dry brushing include: 

Stimulating your lymphatic system to reduce cellular waste products and toxins

Reduction of cellulite 

Smooth the skin with exfoliation 

Reduce stress 

Regular practice may improve digestion and kidney function.

How to dry brush: 

Ideally dry brushing is done daily for best results, I like to brush before a morning shower or bath but if I don't have time in the morning I'll do it after work. I prefer to not do right before bed as I find it quite energizing. 

When brushing, always work towards the heart, I like to start at my feet (including the soles of my feet) and work up, doing gentle but steady sweeps up my legs, torso, arms, chest and back. Avoid your face as these bristles, though soft and comfortable for the rest of the body, are a bit too rough for that delicate area. Your skin will likely turn pink but it shouldn't be irritated. After the shower or bath I like to follow with one of Living Libations Best Skin Ever oils or OSEA's Undaria oil for optimal results.

The lymphatic system is just under the skin and requires only a very gentle touch to support moment, so no need to press hard, this should be very comfortable and relaxing. You can spend 2 minutes if that's all the time you have or 20, just try to get in in regularly for optimal results. This is truly one of the best things you can do for your skin.

How to clean your brush: 

Quickly dip the brushes in boiling water and then set them out in the sun for a few hours to dry.

Or, every few months, gently clean the brushes with a pure soap and rinse well. Then put them in the sun to dry.

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