Ring Coil

Clarité Wellness

In many ancient medicine practices they understand the fractal nature of the body and have found unique ways to heal and restore balance. I have studied the face extensively as a reflection of the whole but the hands are as well! 

Each finger links to different organs, emotions, parts of the body and meridians. By massaging the fingers we can move stagnation, enhance circulation, release tension, reduce anxiety, relieve fatigue and support over all wellness. 

These finger massagers are so easy to use and it truly feels amazing to roll them up and down your fingers and notice how things shift in your energy and mood! It is said to slim your fingers as well so that's a nice bonus. 

There are many acupressure and reflexology maps available online as well as traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine diagrams to show you different ways of  looking at what each finger represents or you can just work intuitively with what feels good for you! 

If you are prone to headaches, migraines or anxiety these can sometimes work wonders. I've personally found these helpful for relieving indigestion as well as tension in the neck after a long day or in periods of stress.

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