Rénovateur 14

Biologique Recherche

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Thanks to a blend of ultra-targeted revitalizing and moisturizing active ingredients, Rénovateur 14 not only brings relief to skin that’s lacking in water, but also defends it from environmental damage. Like a pure concentrate of brightness and vitality, this serum subtly lights up the complexion.

Rénovateur 14 is part of an instant light-restoring treatment. Thanks to a combination of Soothing and Revitalizing active ingredients, this serum will restore the natural beauty of your skin. Upon application, it will strengthen and restore the lustre of your skin. You will be radiant! A true veil of light that immediately brightens with lasting effects.  

Recommended for dehydrated skin that is lacking in radiance.

This is a perfect finishing serum for those looking for an extra glow with more hydration but are concerned about acne or breakouts, as this will protect the skin while keeping it clear. It's beautiful under makeup and gives a luminous look to the skin without highlighting imperfections. 

*This product has been sadly discontinued so get it while you can! 


1. Apply 3 to 5 drops of finishing serum to the entire face, neck and décolleté, in the morning and/or at night

2. This product is applied as the final touch of the Biologique Recherche skincare program


Do not use on sensitive, scratched or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid sun exposure immediately after applying the product. 

8ml, 30ml