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Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapy originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine in which lubricated skin is scraped or rubbed with the edge of a smooth, hard tool to improve skin and health conditions. The tradition and the tools of Gua Sha have been passed down through families for centuries, and only recently have cultures outside of Asia become familiar with its therapeutic benefits. 

Living Libations is honored to offer a cool Quartz Gua Sha stone that offers the right curves to fit all face and body shapes. You can vivify your visage, beautify your body, and tend to tightness by scraping the Gua Sha stone over freshly washed skin lubricated with a generous squeeze of a Libations serum for great glide.


Begin with the base of the neck and glide upward in long, slow swipes until the whole neck is scraped. Then move to the jaw, the cheeks, the eye area, the forehead, the nose, and the lips, always gliding up and outward. With 60 Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian points on the face, a Gua Sha facial is thought of as meridian massage.

While Gua Sha implements can be comprised of a variety of materials, we prefer the smooth, cool beauty of crystal quartz. Quartz stones are prismatic crystals of silicon and oxygen compressed by geologic forces into hardened, sparkling light. Throughout history, the innate enchanting and reflective colors of quartz stones have attracted healers and humans because quartz naturally amplifies energy and seems to transpose its own light onto the human receiver.

Quartz Gua Sha Care

Wash the stone with hot water and a little lather from our clay bar soap, or a little dash of Living Libations shampoo and dry it thoroughly. Store it in the muslin bag in a protected location. 

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