4 Organic Cotton Terry and Waffle Mini Facial Cloths

Clarité Wellness

A reusable Organic Cotton Bag for you to store your mini’s. Or just toss your Mini’s in the bag and throw everything into the wash. I prefer organic cotton to anything else for the skin (I recommend avoiding bamboo fabric products, they are far too processed and many chemicals and small particles end up on your skin).

Perfect to use with your cleanser to remove makeup and debris. Can be used to apply your toner as well but be sure to just pinch a piece of the waffle side so not to waste product as this is double layered. 

4, 3.5” x 3.5” – Organic Cotton Mini Facial Cloths (made with Organic Cotton French Terry, Organic Cotton Waffle & Organic Cotton Thread)

*One side is French Terry, the other is Waffle

4.5” x 4.5”  – Organic Cotton Bag (made with Organic Cotton Jersey, Organic Cotton Ribbon & Organic Cotton Thread)

All products can be machine washed in water not exceeding 40°C, at normal setting. Tumble dry at low heat setting or air dry. If desired, iron at medium temperature.

The Mini Facial Cloth can be easily reshaped by gently pulling it with your fingers and flattening it with your palm.

To prevent them from curling, lay them flat to dry or iron.